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May 2012 is an exciting month for me. The third book in my NUMBERS trilogy, ‘Infinity’ comes out in the Germany (‘Numbers – Den Tod Im Griff), France (‘Intuitions, Tome 3: Infini’ and the US ‘Numbers – Infinity’). I’m relieved and a little bit proud that the whole series is out now, and I really hope that those who have enjoyed the first two books will like this one, too. It’s nearly a year since it came out in the UK and so it’s a good time for me to look back and share a few thoughts about ‘Infinity.’

My husband was extremely ill while I was writing the book, and I was under a lot of pressure to deliver the book and keep the series’ momentum going, and so my view of it is inevitably clouded by rather distressing memories. Even now, although my husband is much better and I know that I met my deadline in the end, I can’t think about ‘Infinity’ without anxiety tugging at my stomach. Yup, there it is now as I’m sitting writing this blog. But it’s okay to acknowledge a bad time in your life and it’s great to be able to say that you got through it and out the other side. Life doesn’t stop when you become a writer – stuff keeps happening and you have to deal with it, just like everyone else.

Although I didn’t pick it, I love the UK title, ‘Infinity’. The main hook of this book is the possibility of swapping or stealing death dates so that you could keep extending your life, maybe forever. The plot concerns Sarah’s daughter, Mia, who seems to have this gift and it explores what it would mean to live with this and what the implications are for the human spirit.

It was a difficult book to write for all sorts of reasons. For a start, there are a variety of gifts (and curses) in the book – seeing death dates, dreaming about the future, seeing auras, and healing. It was challenging keeping track of who had which ‘power’ and who knew what when. The book also offers a glimpse into a possible near future and it was tricky finding a plausible, yet dramatic, context for my characters to operate in. Towards the end of the book, things get extremely dark and frightening. On the advice of my publisher, I toned it down a little bit (only a little), but it’s still pretty disturbing. I have to tell you that this is the only book which has given me nightmares, the kind which are so scary you have to wake yourself up.

I was very mindful that this is the last in the series and so I needed to find an ending which wrapped things up in a satisfactory way, while staying true to the spirit of the other books. I’ve had quite a few emails from fans asking for a fourth book in the series, but I think that this is it. I hope that I’ve done something different with all three books and that they are all strong in their own right. I don’t want to fall into the trap of diluting the series and, frankly, after five years of thinking and writing about seeing death dates, it’s nice to think about and write about something else for a change.

In the end, I hope that the real message of this book for the reader, like the other two in the series, is about love. The love between partners and the love of a parent for their child (birth child, adopted or whatever). The book is dedicated to my parents, grandparents and all those who went before, and to my children and those that may come afterwards. And, of course, to my husband. None of us are going to live forever, but I’m glad he’s here for a while longer … xxx


This entry was posted by Rachel on April 19th 2012
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Comments on 'Infinity'
  1. What a lovely and honest post, Rachel! I’m so glad that this difficult time in your life is over. How positive, though, to think that you still managed to write a really good book in spite of it all. I wish the novel all the success it deserves! xx

    Comment posted by Véronique Martin on April 19th 2012
  2. Thanks, Veronique. xxx

    Comment posted by Rachel on April 19th 2012
  3. Thank you for posting this. I am currently in the midst of some rewrites and very recently my world came crashing down when my youngest son was taken seriously ill and ended up in intensive care. Like you we got through it but it was so good to see the writing got through it too. Congratulations on the trilogy – I just love them. Thankyou for sharing this

    Comment posted by Vanessa Harbour on April 21st 2012
  4. Thanks, Vanessa. I hope your son makes a full recovery and that you get through your rewrites. I find it difficult to believe I produced a book in these circumstances, but when you’re in the thick of things you just keep going – it’s the only thing you can do. All best wishes to you and your family. xxx

    Comment posted by Rachel on April 21st 2012
  5. They are fantastic books- the sort you can’t put down and the sort I’d like to be able to write myself someday. Fingers crossed that I can be as talented as you, I’ve still got a way to go but I’ll keep going.
    You can’t tell when you read them that it was so hard for you to write them, the sign of a great writer!

    Comment posted by Chloe on April 24th 2012
  6. Thanks, Chloe. Best of luck with your writing. xx

    Comment posted by Rachel on April 25th 2012
  7. You know, I was never really into reading until I was given Numbers for free by some program at my camp. I got it in about August but didn’t really read it until December (of 2010 or 2009?). I loved it. When I saw that The Chaos was out, I bought it immediately and read it in a month. When Infinity came out, I bought it from the UK through Amazon because I would have had to wait months before it came out in the US. I read that in a day.

    My point is that I never loved reading until I came across Rachel Ward’s work. In my eyes, she is the best author out there because she took someone who never liked reading and turned them into someone who now loves reading.

    Thank you Rachel, you’re such an inspiration and I’ll never be able to express my gratitude.


    Comment posted by Grace on May 28th 2012
  8. Hello Rachel, I love your Numbers series, I am 14 and have read the first 2. I am aiming to get my mum to get me ‘infinity’ tonight ;) hopefully :) Keep writing, I love reading and I did a review in my school newspaper about how good your books are! Thanks again, Antonia :)xxx

    Comment posted by Antonia Barber on July 11th 2012
  9. I absolutely loved Numbers and the Chaos, but since Infinity has only just come out here in America, I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy yet. I hope to be a journalist/novelist when I’m older, and I definitely look up to you as an author(: Can’t wait to see what new books you come out with in the future!

    Comment posted by Caroline on August 12th 2012
  10. I’m so glad Numbers has helped get you into reading, Grace. That means alot to me. Thanks for letting me know and making my day!

    Comment posted by Rachel on August 15th 2012
  11. Hope you enjoy ‘Infinity’ too. Thanks for writing a review for your school newspaper. Sounds like you’re a writer too. xx

    Comment posted by Rachel on August 15th 2012
  12. Hi Caroline, Hope you manage to get hold of a copy of ‘Infinity’ soon. Best of luck with your writing. I’m currently working on a sort of ghost story. I’m quite excited about it – not sure it’s scary enough yet though, needs a bit more work… xxx

    Comment posted by Rachel on August 15th 2012
  13. Hello, Rachel. I am have already read two books. I’m from Russia. And I really want to ask u: will it be publishe in Russia. I really want to read ur third book. Thank you. xx

    Comment posted by Galya on September 22nd 2012
  14. Hi Rachel,
    I absolutely love your books! I’ve just read the third one. It was great! I’m from Belgium. My school project is about your third book next week. I’ve already made like 6 people read your books and they all love it. Keep op writing please! x

    Comment posted by Sophie on October 20th 2012
  15. What was that little part at the end of the book? It tells about Mia and the new little girl on the beach? I’m dying to know!!!

    Comment posted by Paige on January 26th 2013
  16. I love numbers and have not started the second yet. i love the hole supernatral theme and hope you keep writing like that! Thanks :)

    Comment posted by Daisy on February 4th 2013
  17. I love the books I my self am a reader or called at school ” book worm ” I vary much like the wording and the lay out of your book and I would love to read more like it. Me reading almost every book that I come across it’s hard to find a good one any more. I’ve read chapter books since I was 4 and I’m 16 now and still reading. You book took me to a new world I’ve never experienced before. I’ve read about zombies and fairies and magical powered people but never about the power people can have with the numbers of others. I love it and if you have another book that will keep me on my toes I would love to know about it. Thank you for the hear racing story.

    Comment posted by Spirit on February 16th 2015
  18. I really loved the numbers books! I’ve read all of them in 3 days. It’s good to hear that you anf your husband are doing better now. I was wondering, well, there’s not going to be a fourth book… right?
    Eva, 16 years old, the Netherlands

    Comment posted by eva on August 23rd 2016

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