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For the past few weeks I’ve been busy not writing. There’s the day job, of course. And I’ve tidied and cleaned the house. And taken up baking muffins, so some mornings my family wake up to a tray of yummy, warm cakey treats. Favourites so far; spiced apple; raspberry, white chocolate and lemon; and of course, chocolate chip crumble! Been swimming to try and counteract the effect of the muffins.

I’ve not stopped being a writer – I’ve been busy meeting some wonderful readers, teachers and librarians in Germany, Lancing and Salford. But I haven’t been writing.

It’s been a blessed relief to have some time off, but I’m starting to get the writer’s equivalent of itchy feet. I’ve been making notes, scribbling down ideas and snippets of conversation. Maybe, soon, it will time to start again…

This entry was posted by Rachel on July 9th 2011
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Comments on 'Not Writing'
  1. I know exactly what you mean, Rachel. All the other things I do that are NOT WRITING are great but it feels so good, almost a relief, to be back, lost in my head, and having time to write.

    Comment posted by Linda Strachan on July 10th 2011
  2. dear Rachel,
    hi I’m Lindsey Stagg i am in 8th grade and ive in minnesota i was wondering why you started writing books? i love your book num8ers and im doing my book report on you and your book. thank you.

    Comment posted by lindsey stagg on October 10th 2011
  3. Hi Lindsey, I started writing in my mid-thirties and I don’t really know why. I think it was just really curious to see if I could do it and to challenge myself. I wrote a radio play and two other novels, which were rejected, before I wrote Numbers. Best of luck with your book report. R xx

    Comment posted by Rachel Ward on October 17th 2011

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